21st Birthday on stage with The Cure

Bizarre Festival 1998, Butzweilerhof, Cologne, Germany – August 22, 1998

 This was my 21st birthday and the band kindly let me view from the side of the stage!

I have very few actual memories except for being wildly nervous and thankful and awestruck all at once. I don’t even think this was my first time on the stage, but I never got used to it, that’s for sure!!! I have a very fuzzy memory of being on a bus from the hotel to the festival with the band, and Robert asked what song I wanted to hear. I have noooo idea how I replied. Though I appear to have had a photo pass, I don’t think I went into the pit because I was too scared to leave my friends!

Other bands that played the festival that year (though I didn’t see a single one!): Portishead, Page & Plant, Oomph!, Queens of the Stone Age, Fear Factory, Monster Magnet, Goldie, Green Day, Guano Apes, Deftones, Headcrash, The Notwist.

For more photos visit : https://distantnoises-othervoices.tumblr.com/tagged/bizarrefestival1998?fbclid=IwAR2h18Prk07B0LnAKjB4FZae_3mNv14bkviWPTNzT5izPSjS6YWVNJy4IJI

Cindy Gamel


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