A boy I never knew

I’m Michele from Italy and I am admin of italian curefans Facebook group OUT OF THIS WORLD This is the story of my encounter with the music of the Cure, but it is also the story of a boy I never knew. It was the summer of 1986, it was the time of vinyl and music tapes with which we … Read More

Letter to Fiction Records

“People were gasping and looking at me as though I was a suicidal maniac” In 1996 I had been receiving curenews since 1990, and in 1995 I wrote to a girl whose description I had read in the curefriends section. It was a bit silly since she lived not terribly far from where I lived. Anyway, back to 1996 which … Read More

Mexicali Baja California Mexico

  I’m living the dream   Hello everyone, this is awesome!! My name is Kar, I’m from Mexicali Baja California Mexico, I saw them at the MTV VMAs a while back in Mexico City, didn’t talk to them at all, Porl gave me a hive five tho!.. But the main reason I’m writing you guys is because I want to … Read More

Bring The Cure to Brazil 1996

Brazilian fans petition to bring the Cure to Brazil in 1996. My name is Jacira de Souza Collaço and I’ll try to be as objective as possible… as me and some friends managed to organize a successful petition to bring The Cure to Brazil, back in 1996! I started the fanzine Catch A Cure (now online as https://www. facebook.com/shadowcatchacure and https://greycoll.wixsite.com/catch-a-cure) with two close … Read More

21st Birthday on stage with The Cure

Bizarre Festival 1998, Butzweilerhof, Cologne, Germany – August 22, 1998  This was my 21st birthday and the band kindly let me view from the side of the stage! I have very few actual memories except for being wildly nervous and thankful and awestruck all at once. I don’t even think this was my first time on the stage, but I … Read More

Memories of seeing The Cure play live

My 2 greatest memories of seeing The Cure play live were. Los Angeles Forum USA Kiss Tour 7-15-87 2nd row center stage seats. My girlfriend & I went, she brought 1 dozen roses & during an encore handed the bouquet of roses to Robert, he grabbed them showed the audience and placed them on an amp. Vancouver Canada 8-24-07 4:13 … Read More

The Pink Pig experience. A Tribute To The Cure

The Pink Pig experience I have listened to The Cure since I was young. I have many The Cure related memories. Here’s some of them.. When I was young I listened to The Cure a lot. One day my mother told me that the daughter of one of her colleagues was a Cure fan, but that she wanted to give … Read More

Departure time is getting closer. I’m bawling my eyes out..

I’ve been a fan of The Cure since 1987. Skip forward to my early adult year in college. The Cure were playing in my state’s capital (Brisbane, Australia) at a musical festival. Could I go. No. Was I pissed off. Yes. Next time they came to Brisbane I was living there. Could I see them. No. Why? Because I was … Read More