TapeThe Cure Front Cover

Issue 3 – The Clinic

Exclusive interview with Lol Tolhurst about designing the cover for issue 3. 

''The cover of Number 3 of The Clinic was my attempt at illustrating an infamous night in Cure history . On the 17th December 1979 we played in Paris at the Bataclan . Chris Parry came to see us and after the show we arranged to meet him along with some Polydor record label people at a restaurant. We didn’t find the correct place and as this was the pre cell phone era we had no way of contacting anyone. We also didn’t know the address of the hotel we were staying at just the name. Turns out there were about 20 hotel nationals in Paris. After calling a couple of the hotels from a call box we gave up. This was very early on so no tour manger ,no money for another hotel and no bus to sleep in. So we ended up sleeping in the Gare du Nord station waiting room for a very cold night! If you look closely the cover says waiting room in French written in reverse . About 10 am the next day we managed to call the Fiction office in London and found out where we were supposed to stay. It was a crazy night in the station, being moved on every so often by the gendarmes .''

Lol Tolhurst - March 2021 

(We would recommend Lol's book 'Cured') 


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